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What My Clients Say

'Let me tell you how incredibly helpful Debora is. She is quick. well-organized, well-spoken, and has exceptional customer service. Debora shows initiative and is willing to learn whatever is needed to help support the business. She cheerfully takes on all projects and has helped us make changes to the website, research PR campaign sites, write proposals, handle social media posts, and much much more. Debora has exceeded my expectations in every way. Our business is growing and it's good to know that I have someone who can take care of things quickly and seamlessly. I have more time to do the things I do best! Thank you, Debora!'

- Wilma, Life Working® LLC


'Working with Debora these last few years has been flawless. She has been a great asset to my firm. Hiring Debora allowed me to focus on my clients and their cases. She did everything from payroll and accounting to social media and marketing. Debora is highly reliable and independent. She is always well organized, efficient, and flexible. She gets the job done and does not need hand holding! I would highly recommend Debora for any of your virtual administrative tasks for your business.'

- Jennifer, Law Offices of Jennifer L. Bennett

'Debora, thank you SO MUCH for providing such a clear process solution that is better by far than what we've had so far. You are a Godsend, thank you!' 

- Arlene, Life Working® LLC

'Debora has been working with my business American Skillet Company, and without her diligent organization and ability to visualize what we are doing, our social media voice would be flat and underwhelming. We are so grateful for the hard work, creativity, and flexibility that Debora adds to our team! Thank you so, Debora!! It's been a blast to work with you on a variety of projects, from promoting our events to just helping us amplify our story.' 

- Alisa, American Skillet Company

'I hired Debora as a virtual assistant to boost my social media presence and drive readers and clients to my book ghostwriting business, PurpleInkPen, and my personal author pages, in preparation for the launch of my debut fantasy novel, Arcamira, in March 2020. I hate dealing with social media, so even though I had ideas of what I wanted my social presence to look like, I had always let it fall by the wayside. But with Debora's help, I have fun weekly posts that are already earning clicks, comments, and followers. As a professional writer with an established voice/style, I obviously tweak and personalize everything Debora sends my way for approval, but having her there to organize, schedule, and outline posts has made the task far less daunting. She also acts as a proofreader on the first drafts of some chapters, saving me from the long nights I'd grown accustomed to before hiring her. If you want your life made easier, less social media-induced headaches and streamlined assistance, hire Debora.'

- Hannah, PurpleInkPen and Hannah Sandoval Author

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