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Start Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business in 30 Days with
Are You Tired Of...


...working on other people's terms? Do you feel like you just "work to pay the bills" while missing out on precious time that could be spent with your loved ones and pursuing things you truly enjoy? 


Do you crave flexibility, a steady income, and a job you don't dread going to every morning? 


Of course, you have tried to find "work-from-home jobs" but nothing ever checks all the boxes, and there always seems to be a catch. You have played with the idea of starting your own thing but have no idea how to build up an online business, source clients or market yourself.

If you're still reading, I know you're yearning for something more but don't know how to get started. ​


Imagine this is your life

30 days from now...
  • You have successfully launched your online business.

  • You know exactly how to land paying clients and have an awesome pitch template.

  • You are no longer working on someone else's terms.

  • You get to make your own schedule and plan out your days.

  • You can work from anywhere you want; home, coffee shops, the beach...

  • You get to spend more time with your loved ones and do the things you enjoy. 

  • You actually love what you do for work.

  • You are earning mad bucks.

  • You have all the tools and resources needed to be a killer VA!

About Me
Hi! I'm Debora.


know what it’s like to spend every day at a job you hate. I know that you love staying home with your kids but still wish you could have a career while doing so. What if I told you that you could make money on your own terms and from wherever you please? 

I heard about Virtual Assistants and, honestly, thought it all sounded too good to be true. A flexible schedule, working with people that are passionate about what they do, and a sheer endless amount of opportunities to make as much money as I want to, all on my terms? There's no way. Well, there was. 

So, I learned all about how to become a VA, created a website, pitched clients like a mad woman, landed my first client, and eight months later, quit my job and became a full-time Virtual Assistant. With my first client, I was making 3x as much money as I was at my corporate job and two years in, I hit my first 6-figure year. 

It might sound cliche, but if I can do it, so can you! 

Sounds intimidating?
Keep Scrolling. I'll break it down step by step.
No experience, no problem

What will you lern?

What you will learn in this course

This course is self-paced, easy to follow, and provides the foundation you need to start a successful Virtual Assistant business.


Set yourself up for success with a rock-solid foundation.

MODULE 1: What is a Virtual Assistant?

We'll talk about what exactly a VA is and does, and what kinds of businesses hire VAs.


Lesson includes:

  • What makes a great VA?

  • What's your "WHY" and why is it crucial?

  • What kinds of businesses hire VAs?

  • Setting goals and building habits 
  • Interview with one of my long-time clients talking about her experience as a business owner looking for, hiring, and working with a VA.

  • Downloadable: Services to offer as a VA


MODULE 2: Your Skills and Services

Let's figure out your strengths and talents so you can nail down what services you want to offer and how much to charge for them. 


Lesson includes:

  • Discover your amazing and unique skillset

  • What to offer and how much to charge 

MODULE 3: All the tools you need to get started 

I'll provide you with all the tools, apps, and resources you need to get started.


Lesson includes:

  • How-to videos and tutorials to the most important tools and apps

anete-lusina-zwsHjakE_iI-unsplash (1).jpg


How and where can you get paying clients?

MODULE 4: Your Ideal Client

We'll do a deep dive into what your ideal client looks like and what sort of businesses you want to work with so you can get ready to pitch! 

Lesson includes:

  • Figuring out who you want to work with

  • Finding your niche

  • Worksheet: What does your ideal client look like?

MODULE 5: Sourcing and Pitching 

It's time! Let's find out where your leads hang out and how to approach them. 

Lesson includes:

  • How to find your clients

  • How to pitch leads (includes a cold pitch and a warm pitch template)


Your website and your social media profiles are the first impressions potential clients get. Make sure they look sharp and up to date with a simple marketing plan! 

MODULE 6: Your Online Presence

We'll go into creating (and launching!) your website and getting your social media presence up to par, starting a newsletter, and creating lead magnets.

Lesson includes:

  • Choosing your website provider and securing your domain name

  • Picking the social media profiles you want to be active on

  • Creating your website

  • Downloadable: 365 days of social media ideas

MODULE 7: Interviewing and Contracts

You are ready to attend interviews with potential clients.


Lesson includes:

  • Interview best practices

  • Documents and contracts to have in place

  • Downloadable: Client onboarding worksheet

  • Downloadable: Everything that needs to be in your contract



Sell your services without selling your soul! Work successfully with your new clients and make sure you got all your ducks in a row backstage.

MODULE 8: Working with Clients

Yep, you did it. You landed your first client! Now what? 

Lesson includes:

  • How to ensure a successful working relationship

  • Ending things with a client

  • Raising your rates

  • Downloadable: How to work from home productively

  • Downloadable: Sustainable morning routines

MODULE 9: Mistakes I don't want you to make & backstage business

Next to mistakes I don't want you to make, we'll also talk taxes & accounting. 

Lesson includes:

  • A list of easily avoidable mistakes 

  • Should you be an LLC or a sole proprietor? 

  • Accounting & Taxes

I will send you off with all the necessary tools to build a solid foundation, continued support, and the exciting prospect of weekly leads being sent straight to your inbox for you to pitch, land, and grow with. 


Bonus Material

But wait, there's more...

You will also receive the following worksheets, freebies, downloadables, templates, and tutorials:

✨ Discover your strengths 

✨ What does your ideal client look like

✨ What services to offer as a VA

✨ How to work from home productively

✨ Sustainable morning routines

✨ Client onboarding worksheet 

✨ 365 days of social media ideas 

✨ Pitch sample (cold and warm)

✨ Everything that needs to be in a contract

✨ Weekly job board for 90 days

Bonus Materil
Lena photo for review.jpg

Maybe You're like Lena who needed to get out of her previous job and are looking for what's next...


"Debora is absolutely great! I was really struggling with my previous job, but didn’t know where to go if I decided to leave. Debora listened to my struggles, and recognized that becoming a Virtual Assistant would be perfect for me. She pinpointed my strengths and gave me the tools and advice to capitalize on them for my own VA journey. I’m extremely excited to see where my journey will take me, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her continued support!"

Lena Marie, Wisconsin, US

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Join The Wednesday Project today for only


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Course Prices

This could be you...

I'm most often approached by women who just had a baby or are planning on starting a family in the near future. They want to stay home with their newborns, see their kids through kindergarten and school while being present, without having to sacrifice their career. If this is you, becoming a Virtual Assistant will be your saving grace.

You will have time to drop off your kids in the morning, attend their school plays, stay home with them when they're sick, and have dinner with them - because YOU are in charge of your schedule. 

Since starting my VA business, I was able to take five weeks off without getting anyone's permission. I was able to move across the country and take my work with me. I took a workation, just to get a change of scenery while working with my clients. I get to be home with my pets, take naps, cook my own meals, escape office drama, and explore all the coffee shops in the area while making money. 


Or maybe you're like Stephanie who just had her first baby and wished to stay home without giving up work...

"Debora is super knowledgeable in all things VA. For someone looking at getting started in the industry, she was really helpful and informative!"

I got you!

I 100% understand that starting this journey can feel scary. But please remember that I'm supporting you every step of the way. 

The quizzes after each lesson will test your knowledge and make you feel confident in your abilities. There are weekly leads that are being sent right to your inbox for free for 90 days. And if you're stuck on something, there are bi-weekly coaching calls in our private Facebook community. 

You are not alone.

"It’s OKAY to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.".
― Mandy Hale

Don't freak out

Do you feel like you're not ready to quit your job? Put a ton of effort, time, and money into starting this business?

The good news? You don't have to. 

This is one of the most low-investment businesses to start. All you need is the foundation this course will provide you with, a working laptop, a cellphone, and the willingness to learn new things. 

You don't have to know all the tools that are out there. Not now, not ever. You will learn as you go. 

You may feel like you'll embarrass yourself if there's a question you can't answer. Don't. There's nothing wrong with saying that you have to do some more research or look into it - your leads and clients will understand.

Not sure what services to offer? While we'll learn a whole lot about what the perfect fit for you is in this course, things will change the longer you are a VA. I have modified my services about 5x since starting my business. And so will you as you learn, grow, and figure out what you really enjoy doing and what you don't. 

Worried that this course and being a VA will take away all your free time? It won't. The course is self-paced. You decide how much time you want to put into it. You can finish in four days, or you could be done in two months. It is completely up to you. The whole point of being a VA is so you can make your own schedule, work on your own terms, and make more time for the things you love in life.

Not ready to quit your job (if you have one)? That's fine! It's smart to start virtual assisting on the side and gain some momentum first. Whether you want this to be a gig that's making some money on the side while staying home with your children or while working another job, or you are aiming for this to become your main career; it's good to do it for a while and ensure you like it and are financially stable before quitting your job. For me, this took 8 months. 

No experience? No problem. You don't need ANY experience to get started. I'll guide you the whole way from setting up your website to pitching and landing your first client. Together we'll build a solid foundation for a successful online business. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it called The Wednesday Project?

Did you know that most people hate Wednesdays more than Mondays? You are already tired from two days of work but still have half the week ahead of you. Daunting if you don't like your job, right? By creating this course and giving you the option to enter a career path you love, I want to make Wednesdays far from the worst day of the week - I want you to start loving your Wednesdays again! That's where the inspiration for the name of this course came from.

2. Can I take this course if I live outside of the United States?

Absolutely! This course is designed for any Vitual Assistant to be in any country! Just note that in the last section where we discuss taxes and accounting, I will speak about my experience here within the United States. Things will most likely be different in your native country so you will have to look into the exact rules. But the rest of the course will be applicable to anyone who wants to become a VA.

3. Can I take this course even if I already started my business? 

Yes, 100%! Maybe you started an online business but just can't seem to get traction, are unsure of how to pitch, how to set up your website... or have simply lost steam halfway through and need a push. You can take this course even if you're in the middle of the process. There may be some things you already know or have already done, but I assure you you will take away great value nonetheless from The Wednesday Project.

4. I don't want to be a full-time Virtual Assistant, is this course still for me?

Most people start out part-time. Even if you never plan to go full-time, this course will be a fantastic fit for you. You may want to stay home with your children and still work part-time without leaving the house, or make some extra money on the side. Taking The Wednesday Project course and becoming a Virtual Assistant will be the perfect opportunity for you to do this.

5. Can't I just google how to be a Virtual Assistant and save money? 

You could, yes. There are tons of articles of "5 tips to becoming a Virtual Assisstant" and people offering free advice. One of the problems with that is, however, that you often don't know who is giving the advice and what their experience looks like. I was a full-time Virtual Assistant for four years before creating this course, gaining tons of first-hand experience and knowledge. Oftentimes people online will give you tidbits of how to do one thing or another, but you will not find how to build a solid foundation (that is sustainable) for your business for free.

6. Will I get coaching support within The Wednesday Project? 

Absolutely! For the first 90 days of being in the course, you'll get free access to the bi-weekly coaching calls in our Facebook community. After the first 90 days, an optional monthly subscription for continued support is available.

7. Will I have lifetime access to the course material? 

Absolutely! There is no subscription that needs to be renewed each year or month. You purchase the course once and have lifetime access to it. I will keep you informed about any additional course material that can be purchased in the future.

8. What if I don't land a client within 30 days? 

Don't despair! Sometimes it takes a little longer, but I also know students who landed a client right away. It can happen either way. But you WILL land a client. And you know how I know that? Because virtual assisting is the future. More and more companies are hiring VAs instead of in-office assistants, and your perfect client will come along sooner than you think! This is the perfect time to start!

9. How is this course different than others? 

The first big difference is that I'm not selling you a 'quick fix'. I'm not promising you $1000 a month by doing absolutely nothing. Starting a business from scratch is work. I am promising you a sustainable way of making money that will last you well into the future. The second thing is the fact that I value self-care and believe that you can't be successful long-term if you don't take care of yourself first. So I'm including a self-care tip, book, and podcast suggestions in each module. And, thirdly, while other courses show you how to set up the business and how to pitch and then leave you to figure things out from there, The Wednesday Project is staying with you and tells you how to work 'with' clients, teaching best-practices, what to do if things don't work out, and how to ask for a raise further down the road.

10. Is there a money back guarantee? I'm scared to make the investment.

I get that. When I first started my VA business, I kept thinking: What if I'm putting all this work into this website, creating my services, and pitching clients and nothing ever comes of it? That will have been a complete waste of time. Obviously something came of it and it will for you, too. Virtual Assisting is the future of our workforce and so many small (and large) businesses are hiring freelancers instead of in-office staff for their various needs. You have a unique skillset that is needed by clients that are out there waiting for you. Taking the first step is hard, but I promise you, you will be on fire once you realize that you're now a business owner and your own boss. There is a 45 day money back guarantee for The Wednesday Project. Terms and Conditions apply:

11. Is there a Facebook Community? 

Yes! You'll get 90 days of free access to the private Facebook Community upon joining the course. This is your support network. We'll host bi-weekly coaching calls to answer all your questions. After 90 days, you have the option to continue to be part of the Facebook Community for $10/month.

12. Will I get leads from this course? 

Yes! Once you join the course, we'll send you weeklyl leads directly to your inbox for 90 days for free. These leads will be people who are actively looking for virtual assistants, so fantastic opportunities for you to get serious business right from the get go! After 90 days, you have the option to continue to receive weekly leads for $49/month.

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