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Mistakes in Goal Setting We Want to Avoid

Are you ready to switch up your game and conquer the world of virtual assistance, all from the comfort of your PJs? Let's dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty of setting killer goals that'll have you checking off that ambitious bucket list in no time (without becoming frustrated for not reaching unattainable goals, just because you see the influencers on the Gram apparently do it).

When Goals Are As Foggy As My Glasses In The Winter 😅

Ever tried sketching out your dream vacay but ended up with doodles? Yeah, that's kind of what happens with fuzzy goals—they’re like, "Eh, I'll wing it." But here's the tea: "boost sales" or "get a boatload of clients" just aren't gonna cut it. We need the juicy deets! And shooting for the stars, like tripling your bucks overnight, might just leave you on a one-way trip to Disappointmentville. The secret sauce? Goals that are crystal clear and totally doable—like, “Sign up 3 new clients by June,” so you can high-five yourself every step of the way.

The 'Trying to Gulp Down a Whole Pizza Slice' Scenario

Imagine scarfin' down an XXL pepperoni slice in one go. Choking hazard, right?! Well, aiming for mega goals in one shot is a direct path to Stress City. Instead, slice that monstrous goal into bite-sized tasks. Break it down, celebrate the little wins, and watch your "can'ts" turn into "cans" and your dreams into plans.

Going Solo Without a Backup Band

I get it. Rolling solo has its perks (hello, sweatpants - or leggings in my case - all day), but sometimes we need that backup band to keep the rhythm going. If it's just you, your cat, and Netflix, you might find the couch more appealing than your to-do list. Rope in a buddy who's also hustling hard, spill the beans on your goals, and make a pinky promise to check in on each other. It's not about the tough love—it's about having someone to dance with when the going gets tough!

Happy woman with confetti

Those Pesky Fears That Haunt Us 👻

The Big Bad Fear of Flopping

Hands up if you've ever frozen up thinking about flopping. (Don't worry, my hand is waaay up too.) Those icky feelings that whisper, "What if I'm not good enough?" gotta go.

Here’s the scoop: flops and fails are like those awful first dates—a bit cringey but oh-so-enlightening. They teach us what NOT to do next time. So instead of stressing over getting your goals pitch-perfect, high-five yourself for stepping up to bat and learning along the way.

Goodbye, What-Ifs; Hello, Adventures!

Ever felt shaky about the unknown, like stepping into one of those haunted houses at the fair (which I literally never do because I'm absolutely terrified)? Snag this pro tip: embrace a little bit of “who knows?” Be like water – adaptable and flexible. Sketch out several game plans, pack an umbrella (just in case), and remember that even Queen B, Beyoncé, faces the unknown. You're rocking it step by unpredictable step!

Let's Fan the Flames for Some Rockstar Goal Setting

Keep the Fire Burning (Marshmallows Not Included)

Listen, navigating through foggy days when you can't see the wins can douse your fiery spirit. Here's a hack—revisit that fiery "why" that got you started. Plaster your space with post-its, set alarms with pep talks, and treat yo' self when you tick off those goals. Staying excited about your journey is key!

High-Five Yourself, You're Doing Amazing!

Let's throw confetti in the air for every single win, from the tiny ones (like finally fixing that broken website button) to the whoppers (like landing a dream client). Share your victories, treat yourself to a spa day or simply do the happy dance in your kitchen. These moments are golden and so are you. 🎉

PS: We're covering effective goal setting that actually works more deeply in The Wednesday Project.

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