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Why I Turned Down a Six-Figure Job

A few years back, a loyal client offered me a full-time gig in Chicago with a hefty paycheck. It entailed me working in her office, 9-5, earning 6 figure, benefits and all... But I said no thanks. 🙅‍♀️

Here's why...

Weighing the Pros and Cons

When the six-figure job offer landed in my lap, it was tempting, to say the least. The stability of a steady paycheck and the prestige that comes with a high-paying role were alluring. But thought of structured office hours, daily commutes, and less time for my side hustle started to cloud the shiny dollar signs. I sat down and made a list—freedom and flexibility on one side, financial security on the other. Not to mention, the idea of freelance work had always sparked a certain joy that no office job could match. It became clear that what I valued most wasn't the money—it was the ability to control my day, work on projects that excited me, and live a life untethered from the nine-to-five grind.

Chasing Joy

Money is a necessity, no doubt about it. But at what cost? As I pondered over the six-figure job, I asked myself whether the extra zeros in my bank account would compensate for the moments lost in mundane routines and the joyless hustle of corporate life. The answer was a resounding no. I wanted to chase the kind of joy that comes from creating your own schedule, pursuing passions on a whim, and taking a midday break just because the sun is shining a little brighter. Choosing freedom meant I could prioritize happiness and personal fulfillment over financial gain. It's about the satisfaction of completing a project that truly excites me or the thrill of helping a client achieve their dreams through my freelance work. And let's be honest, the joy of a spontaneous mid-week Target visit is something money just can't buy.

A Difficult Decision

Committing to turn down the six-figure job was far from easy. Stability has its allure; it's comfortable and secure. Saying no meant losing this client completely, as she was really looking for someone to work in-house. But when I weighed that stability against the freedom I had come to know and love, the scales tipped dramatically. The decision challenged me to trust in my own abilities as a freelancer and to believe in the viability of my VA business. It was a test of faith—in the market, in my skills, and in the unknown future. Yet, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the difficult decision was also a liberating one. Choosing freedom over stability wasn't just about rejecting a job offer; it was an affirmation of my priorities and the life I wanted to lead.

Finding Happiness in Saying No

Saying no to a six-figure job offer might seem counterintuitive in a world where success is often measured by income and job titles. Yet, there's an understated happiness that comes from understanding and living by your own measures of success. For me, that meant recognizing that my happiness wasn't tethered to a hefty salary, but to the freedom and flexibility that came with being my own boss. The simple act of saying no was empowering.

Because beyond the money, what I truly cherish is the freedom to savor lazy mornings baking bread, take leisurely strolls with my furry companions, and relish evenings without battling rush-hour traffic. 🍞🚶‍♀️🍷 Declining that office job meant losing a valuable client, but gaining the liberty to craft a life where work doesn't overshadow the joy of simply living.

And guess what? I went on to create my OWN 6-figure paycheck by continuing as a Virtual Assistant and doing things on my own terms.

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