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Harness a Side Hustle: A Guide to Establishing Your Virtual Assistant Business While Still Employed Full-Time

Are you looking for a shift from your daily humdrum and contemplating whether you can follow your dream to become a virtual assistant while still in your full-time job? I am here to assure you it is entirely possible. 

👋 My name is Debora, Founder of The Wednesday Project, and by turning my virtual assistant business into a productive side earning venture, I was able to make a steady transition towards self-employment. Starting small allows you to gradually grow your client base and income while safeguarding the financial stability of your permanent job.

According to research, approximately 33% of the US workforce (around 59 million people) engaged in freelance work, including part-time jobs, in 2020.

A virtual assistant hustle offers benefits to all: those seeking a career change, stay-at-home parents looking for flexible work timings, or individuals seeking to supplement their income. So, are you ready to learn how you can unlock the power held within a virtual assistant side hustle? 

Let's begin.

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Initiating Your Side Hustle Journey

Transition from a 9-to-5 Job to a Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Establishing a virtual assistant business doesn't mean just switching jobs; it implies transforming your entire lifestyle. Your office can be anywhere in the world, be it a quaint café, the comfort of your home, or even a place you are visiting. The reality of virtual assistants today is that they transition to working remotely as part of their growth journey.

Start-ups with remote teams have grown by an incredible 140% since 2005, according to a recent report by Global Workplace Analytics.

A side-hustle in virtual assisting is no overnight journey but requires meticulous planning, including balancing your steady job with your budding business. But with every stride, you move closer to reimagining your work-life ideals.

Benefits of Starting a Side Hustle

A side hustle embodies several advantages:

  • Financial control: Generates extra earnings and provides a financial cushion, diversifying your income beyond your full-time job.

  • Professional growth and independence: Provides a platform for learning new things and expanding your skill base without immediate full-time pressures.

  • Pursuing passions: It enables meaningful work leading to personal fulfillment and job satisfaction.

Introducing Virtual Assistant: A Side Hustle like No Other

Why Virtual Assisting Makes for an Ideal Side Hustle

Virtual assisting as a side hustle offers unparalleled flexibility. It matches the market need for outsourcing administrative tasks, providing critical support that businesses and entrepreneurs are willing to pay for.

Think about it:

  • You can work from anywhere

  • Manage your schedules as per your primary job

  • Control your workload

  • There's a constant market need

  • It offers a platform for growth and increased rates

Specify your trade-off as a virtual assistant for an experience that suits your lifestyle with scope for future expansion.

Essential Skills for a Successful Virtual Assistant

Certain skills are indispensable for a successful virtual assistant:

  • Strong communication: Together with conveying clear and effective ideas to clients.

  • Organization: Managing multiple tasks and keeping everything in sync.

  • Technology comprehension: Utilizing diverse software and tools for your duties.

  • Time management: Balancing your side hustle demands with your full-time job.

👉 Read this post on these 10 things that will makeyou a wonderful virtual assistant for any business.

In addition to these, solving client's problems proactively and an eagerness to learn and adapt to the ever-evolving virtual assistant field are vital for long-term success.

Earning Extra Income without Leaving Your Day Job

A virtual assistant side hustle is the perfect platform to augment your income without the risks of resigning from your permanent job. Starting small, you can gradually increase your workload and make money with as few as one to two clients initially.

Simultaneously, the financial safety net of your full-time job remains intact until you feel ready to switch. The extra income can also help you cope with monthly expenses, pay off loans, or supplement your savings.

My Journey: From Full-Time Employee to Full-time Virtual Assistant

Balancing a Full-Time Job with a Side Hustle

Managing a full-time job along with a side hustle requires setting work timings for your virtual assistant tasks and maintaining focus. I found digital tools incredibly handy to track tasks and deadlines. It's not necessarily about working harder; rather, it's about working smarter to take your steps toward becoming a full-time virtual assistant.

Transitioning from Part-Time Hustle to Full-Time Virtual Assistant

The leap from a part-time side hustle to full-time is significant and requires careful planning. I made the jump after noticing a consistent growth in income and a surge in demand for my services after working as a VA part-time for 8 months. 

This stage necessitates viewing your side hustle as a legitimate business and committing to its growth. It might seem daunting at first, but, when time-tested, it's an incredibly rewarding experience.

Taking the Leap: Transitioning to Full-Time Virtual Assisting

Deciding When to Transition Full-Time

The decision is primarily yours and should be based on your financial preparedness, client base, and emotional readiness. It's crucial to ensure all legal and administrative requirements are adhered to, like contracts, taxes, and business structure (don’t worry, we’ll discuss all of the necessary things in The Wednesday Project online course).

Advantages of Being a Full-Time Virtual Assistant

Being a full-time virtual assistant has its myriad benefits:

  • Strengthened control over your work-life balance

  • Opportunity to increase your income with an expanded client base and increased rates

  • Greater career growth and brand building

  • Accomplishment of managing your own successful business

Persisting in the Side Hustle Journey

The road to a side hustle virtual assistant is paved with challenges, but perseverance is key. Remember, every challenge faced is a step towards greater autonomy and financial independence. Even small achievements contribute to your growth and motivate you to keep going, while the constancy of your efforts builds momentum. Your side hustle could open doors you hadn't imagined, provided you persistently continue your journey, one step at a time.


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